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Exorcism & Demons/ Open Lines

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George welcomed former minister for the Assemblies of God Church, Jeffrey Daugherty, to the program to talk about exorcism and the nature of demons and demonic possession. He began by noting that incidents of possession and demon influence have been on the rise in the last few years, and continues to increase. Daugherty believes that there are different types of spirits that possess people, and that they need to be dealt with in varying ways. Some are weak and easily banished, while others have formed a deep attachment to a person and the place where they live. He says these possessions can ultimately be traced to a person's attitude and outlook. One caller complained of being plagued by an evil entity for many years. Daugherty advised him to ask for a positive outcome and to also ask questions such as "How can I get stronger?"

Daugherty performs exorcisms himself and has a different view of possession than most other clergy. He believes that "99.9% of the time it is unbalanced energy we have created ourselves now or in our past lives." When performing exorcisms, Daugherty does not dress in the traditional robes and does not carry holy water, because he thinks that it's "not about the tools, it’s about the power and intention of the exorcist." He went on to state, however that if a priest feels that their power is increased with these props, they should use them. In conclusion, he observed that "we either create palaces for ourselves, or prisons."


Before returning for Open Lines, George said that he was trapped outside by a door that has never been locked before and he had to be let in by his producer so he could make it back to the studio. Asked why he doesn't play hardball with some of the guests who seem to have more outlandish claims, George said he is "not out to chastise" the guests. He believes some, and not others. He also stated that he believes aliens live among us and that some have disguised their appearance to fit in.

The callers included one man who picked up a so-called "numbers station" on his shortwave radio, which are believed to be instructions in code for spies. "Fran" had a very detailed story about his belief that he is the victim of a conspiracy to collect a $338,000 life insurance policy that was filed on him by someone whom he cannot identify. As a birthday present, George handed over the microphone to his producer Tom Danheiser for the last segment. "Barry" called in to help announce a forthcoming live Coast to Coast stage show in Asheville, NC.

In between news guests, George welcomed singer Barry McGuire, whose 1965 recording of "Eve Of Destruction" is a timeless hit. McGuire, now 81, says that the song is "more relevant than it ever was."

News Segment guests:Jerome Corsi, Peter Davenport

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