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First half guest Mitch Horowitz talked to George about the history the influence of the occult and paranormal on the office of the President of the United States. He began by stating that "everybody at the highest levels of government are very frank about saying the White House seems to be haunted," and told the story of first daughter Jenna Bush, who was awakened a few times in the night by old-style music seemingly coming from the fireplace in her bedroom. Also mentioned was the fact that Abraham Lincoln had séances in the White House and once even invited a reporter along for the evening's events.

Horowitz also related the occult interests of Ronald and Nancy Reagan and their lifelong use of psychics on a sometimes daily basis. Horowitz thinks that the Hollywood culture of belief in the paranormal followed the couple into politics and eventually to the highest office in the land. Ronald Reagan also read the works of famed occultist Manly P. Hall, says Horowitz. Another devotee of Hall was accused RFK assassin Sirhan Sirhan, who requested books by Hall when he was in custody. George mentioned that he is trying to get an interview with Sirhan from his jail in San Diego, and if he is successful, will ask him about the Manly Hall connection.

Horowitz pointed out that 14 out of 44 Presidents have been Freemasons and contrary to some, he doesn't consider the group an evil force, at least as it was practiced by the founding fathers. He does believe that "masonry's power has declined" in government and elsewhere in the past couple of decades. As for possible future presidents, Donald Trump has made no secret that one of his favorite books is "The Power Of Positive Thinking" by Norman Vincent Peale, who Horowitz believes took ancient mystical ideas of human psychology and couched them in quasi-Christian language to appeal to Americans. In conclusion, he said that "the occult interests of people in power confirm their humanity."


Appearing for a segment in the third hour, numerologist Glynis McCants joined the program to discuss how she sees the Reagan marriage as a numerological match made in heaven. She pointed out Nancy Reagan's devotion to her husband was predestined by an analysis of their birthdates. She said that "when you break it down by the numbers, they were perfect for each other." Listeners Steph and David joined George to talk about how they first met online through David proposed to Steph on the air, who accepted and said "absolutely yes." During Open Lines, Caller Tim asked about the famous Norway spiral, which reminded George of the missile that was launched a couple of years ago off the coast of California, which he thinks were the Chinese saying, "look what we can do." Caller Deborah told George about her strange episodes of seemingly being able to enter other dimensions where frightening things (such as military takeovers) are happening in America.

News segment guests:Dr. John Curtis, Peter Davenport

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