Strange Creatures & UFO Abductions/ 'Fright Night' Open Lines

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Strange Creatures & UFO Abductions/ 'Fright Night' Open Lines

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Director of the UFO Research Center of Pennsylvania, Butch Witkowski, heads up a group of professionals who have organized to perform in-depth investigations of UFO and abduction phenomena. He reported on startling sightings of an unknown bipedal wolf-like creature terrorizing central Pennsylvania. Witkowski shared the November 2014 account of a retired USAF pilot who, while walking his dogs by a heavily wooded state park, saw what he described as a seven to eight feet tall, heavily muscular beast with a large head and snout like a bulldog. The man was so affected by the sighting he organized a hunting party to go after it, Witkowski revealed. During the hunt all of the men became overwhelmed with a sense of dread as if they were going to die, he added.

A July 2015 report from the same geographic area details the account of two men who claimed to see a creature the size of a bear squatting over a deer, Witkowski continued. They described it as over seven feet tall with a massive chest, glowing yellow eyes, and a silver-colored aura, he explained, noting how one of the witnesses thought it to be a werewolf. Witkowski has recorded 13 similar reports from central Pennsylvania and the sighting matches reports from as far back as 1865. Everyone who has seen it has described the same thing, especially the glowing yellow eyes, he said. According to Witkowski, the creature is not a dogman or bigfoot, but could possibly be a skinwalker. "I think we're dealing with a relic... something that's been out there, and is there, for a very long time," he suggested.

Witkowski updated his work tracking UFO reports, human mutilations in England (which mirror evidence found at cattle mutilations scenes), as well research into abduction cases. Abductions are up 10 percent year over year, he said. Witkowski shared a case from California in which the victim reported a substantial loss of time, seeing a bright light, and finding identical three-hole punctures at various locations on her body. A fellow researcher has proposed the abductors are farming endorphins from their victims to use a food supplement or medicine, Witkowski disclosed.


In the second half of the program, George called for scary stories during 'Fright Night' Open Lines. Ricky from San Diego recounted a frightening encounter he had camping with friends in a northern California redwood forest. According to Ricky, he opened his truck to find an iPod, felt the urge to relieve himself, closed the door (because of raccoons), then returned to find the door open. Ricky described hearing movement in the trees, something which sounded like a 1000-pound log being dropped, and seeing a tall creature with the face of a praying mantis emerge.

Valerie in Texas told George she was "freaked out" because for the past few months she has been seeing a strange creature in the mirror whenever a Bush or Clinton appears on television. It's a large cougar-like animal with angel wings and a foot missing one toe, she explained. According to Valerie, both she and her husband saw the creature while visiting Mt. Shasta. A street performer in Houston recalled the time he saw what appeared to be a hairy black-eyed child in a tree. "He looked like he wanted to kill me," he said, noting how the creature jumped in the bayou and swam away.

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