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The Haunted Housewives/ Open Lines

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In the first half, para-historians Theresa Argie and Cathi Weber, aka the "Haunted Housewives," talked about the care and feeding of ghosts, shared the scoop on some of the world's most iconic historic and haunted locations, as well as discussed 'thoughtform' manifestation, the idea of creating and "killing" a paranormal entity, and what to do if an entity follows you home. They also revealed their personal experiences with malevolent spirit attachments and the unexpected consequences that followed.

"I believe that there are different types of what we would call 'ghosts'... some part of our personality, some residue of a living person still remains," Argie explained. There are other types of entities called ghosts but what they really are no one knows, she added. Weber commented on the importance of respecting spiritual energy during an investigation. "If they are indeed spirits of our loved ones who have passed on, why would we treat them with disrespect?" she said. Weber recounted details from a field trip to a haunted location where a mother had lost her child. After a female student let the mother's ghost know she was sorry about her loss, recording equipment picked up an EVP of a woman's voice saying, "thank you," Weber reported.

The two ghost hunters mentioned some of the most haunted places they have visited, including the Trans-Allegeny Lunatic Asylum, Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield, and the Lemp Mansion in St. Louis, Missouri. Weber recalled how they both felt a sense of fear and dread at Trans-Allegeny. Argie admitted having a negative entity attached itself and followed her home after an investigation at a private residence. It wreaked havoc for weeks, negatively effecting her health and home life, she revealed. Argie also spoke about how to 'kill' a ghost by showing it has no basis in history and referenced The Pearl Experiment at Glen Tavern Inn as evidence this has happened. Real hauntings have history and emotion, she pointed out. "I think that emotion leaves an energy, it leaves a mark... and that is what people call a haunting," Argie said, noting many so-called hauntings likely involved remnant of emotion that has become trapped in a place.


During Open Lines, Will from San Antonio, Texas, told George about the time he witnessed what appeared to be a ghostly Asian boy standing at the foot of his bed. Will recalled how strongly his chest pounded at the sight, and throwing the covers back over his head, saying the Lord's Prayer, and drifting back to sleep. There was no sign of the boy when he awoke, Will said, adding how he wishes he had engaged the boy when he saw it. Will suggested his prayers may have helped guide the boy into the light. Ken in Bella Vista, Arkansas, reported seeing a shadowy apparition he and his brother called the Bowling Pin Man. It appeared to be a shadow man in the shape of a bowling pin which would come out of the wall, travel across the room, and slide under the baseboards, he disclosed. According to Ken, there was nothing frightening about the entity and his daughter has now also reported seeing it.

News segment guests: Dr. Tim Ball / Peter Davenport

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