Experiencing the Other Side

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Experiencing the Other Side

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Host Dave Schrader (email) welcomed author Peter Panagore, who recounted his remarkable story of having a near death experience while on the side of a mountain and how, in those minutes, he experienced hell, forgiveness, and unconditional love, leading to an intense spiritual journey that has continued for decades. Panagore reflected on how he had a "tendency toward spirituality" dating back to childhood, when he had an encounter with God and was told that he had been chosen to serve him. Other otherworldly experiences, such as visions and encounters with spiritual beings, continued to happen throughout his young life. These events culminated in March of 1980, when Panagore had the near death experience which forever changed his life.

The transformative event, he said, unfolded during a college vacation when Panagore and a friend spent ten days skiing and mountaineering in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. During the adventure, they decided to scale a location known as the Lower Weeping Wall. However, Panagore was ill-equipped for the climb, which resulted in the pair only reaching the top of the mountain as the sun was setting. "We knew we were in serious trouble," he recalled, and they were forced to make the arduous journey back down the mountain as soon as possible, since spending the night there would likely prove to be a fatal decision. Using only moonlight to illuminate their descent and grappling with exhaustion as well as dangerously frigid temperatures which left their fingers stricken with frostbite, they descended throughout the night.

The difficult conditions eventually caused their rope to get stuck and the pair was left dangling on the side of the mountain. At that point, Panagore began experiencing bouts of sleepiness as he started to succumb to hypothermia. During one of those episodes, he sensed some kind of entity bring his consciousness to a place of infinite darkness where he saw a gigantic door that resembled a portal. When he touched the door, Panagore said, he heard his name called by God and became filled with deep feelings of love. He also experienced a life review which forced him to experience all of the pain which he had inflicted on others during his time on Earth. Told that he didn't have to stay in the afterlife, Panagore chose to return to his body, where he was revived by his concerned friend and their stuck rope had miraculously become freed, allowing them to finally escape the harrowing predicament.

Seeing the Future

In the first hour, author Steve Johnson discussed his history of futuristic visions, how he set about proving they were really happening, and what he sees coming in the future. Johnson detailed how his ability seemed to manifest around 1999 when he began having vivid dreams of his late parents and visions of strange events. It culminated with 9/11, when he realized he was seeing the future. From there, he set about trying to prove it to the media but was rebuffed and ultimately began working with a parapsychologist to document his incredible gift. According to Johnson, after over a decade of work, "there's piles and piles of evidence" that he is seeing future events before they unfold. As for what is on the horizon, Johnson predicted some kind of terror event in London involving trains as well as at locations surrounding train stations and that this will occur sometime in the next 30 days.

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