Ghost to Ghost 2015

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Ghost to Ghost 2015

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George Noory hosted our traditional "Ghost to Ghost" show, where callers share tales of strange encounters and contact with the afterlife. Michelle in Arkansas phoned in with a story about some rather unusual car trouble she had several weeks after her brother died in a vehicular accident. According to Michelle, she was heading out to run errands one day and found her 1996 Camaro already running. "This continued to happen on a regular basis," she said, noting her car had no autostart capabilities. The hatchback would open on its own, sometimes while driving, and the lights also turned on/off at random times, she added. Michelle revealed she had no trouble with the car prior to her brother's death and believes he may have been trying to communicate with her. She has since traded in the car for another vehicle.

Jacob from Toronto remembered living in a house where his mom would routinely get mysterious marks on her face like someone had touched her. Jacob said the family moved to another house in the same neighborhood but the strangeness followed them there. A clock flew off the wall and across the room so often a priest was brought in to bless the house, he explained. According to Jacob, his brother was plagued by voices and heavy breathing which had no source. One night he was locked in his room and could not get out, nor could anyone get in to help him, even though there was not lock on his door, Jacob disclosed.

Greg in Calgary shared his terrifying encounter with a dark entity at a friend's home where he was housesitting. Greg remembered heading off to bed one night and suddenly being roused when "every door in the hallway started slamming." The dog started behaving strangely and Greg said he spotted something move in the corner of his eye. He described a pitch black person-shaped thing standing near the dining room table. "As I looked at it I felt instant terror like I was about to die," he recalled, noting he ran from the house and returned with police. They found all of butcher knives laid out on the kitchen counter from smallest to biggest, and the outside basement door open, he reported. There were no tracks in the snow and the dog was never found, he noted.

Gene from Wyoming told George he was working the night shift at the emergency room in a military hospital built in the 1890s when he happened by an empty ward on third floor and a sighting he will never forget. Gene described seeing a translucent yellow orb about three feet in diameter and floating down the ward hallway at the height of a person's chest. It moved at a walking pace and opened the double doors through which he was peering and traveled down hall to stairway. Gene said a chief petty officer told him everyone who works the night shift eventually sees the yellow orb.

Black Mirror Gazing

In the first hour, leading expert on the paranormal, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, discussed black mirror scrying (video), and how this technique is used to contact the dead. Scrying means to gaze and to discern dimly, Guiley explained. "Black mirrors are used in dim light and they reveal things... the past, the future, the astral plane, the dead, the spirits, and amazing things can happen by gazing into a black mirror," she said. Guiley traced the use of black mirrors to 6,000 B.C., when people gazed into shiny black stones and dark bowls of water to contact the dead and spirits. A black mirror is an ideal tool for opening up psychic abilities, she continued, noting how they can be used to contact someone who has crossed over or see one's own past lives. Guiley also described an instance when she was using a black mirror and two beings appeared within it then projected themselves into the room.

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