Acoustics & the Paranormal/ Open Lines

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Acoustics & the Paranormal/ Open Lines

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Filling in for George, Dave Schrader (email) welcomed Steven Parsons, an investigator of ghosts, hauntings and related experiences, and parapsychology researcher Cal Cooper. They discussed their new book on acoustics of the paranormal, Paracoustics, comprised of contributed chapters by leading experts on the equipment and techniques used by researchers, as well as the physics and psychology of sound and its association with the paranormal, including infrasound, electronic voice phenomenon (EVP), séance tapping, and other ghostly sounds.

According to Parsons, sound is the most commonly reported feature of the majority of paranormal experiences. "Ghosts are notoriously noisy creatures and so sound plays a very fundamental part in our experiencing ghost and hauntings," he said. Parsons explained how sound can trigger memories, engender powerful emotions, and affect an individual's physiology. Sound can produce sensations of fear and awe, and even make someone feel as though he is being watched, Parsons added.

Cooper outlined some of the chapters in Paracoustics, which cover topics including the acoustical knocks of poltergeists, death bed music, and the relationship of ritual drumming to possession/altered states of consciousness. Cooper spoke about a sound-producing device allegedly used to contact the dead during séances in the 1940s. The gadget produced a loud, irritating pulse of sound waves that induced headaches and sickness in participants. Parsons noted how the device's rhythmic sound was physically disorientating and had a hallucinatory effect. He also described how white noise provides acoustic energy to weak sound waves and how it may relate to EVP recordings.


Open Lines followed in the latter half. Bruce in Vancouver, British Columbia, suggested prevailing JFK assassination conspiracies are incorrect. "All you have to do is look at the Zapruder film and you can see... it's an exit wound that comes out the front of his head," he said, ruling out the multiple shooters theory. Dave mentioned a recent article which sheds light on CIA Director John McCone's long suspected cover-up of the JFK assassination. Stacy from Massachusetts described how being without sight has focused her hearing perception. She described the "sound of sound" at night when she can hear air particles bouncing of the walls. David in Nevada commented on some Internet videos which he believes shows Planet X. "The reason for chemtrails is to cover this up," he said.

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