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The Nature of Evil/ Open Lines

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In the first half of the program, author and occult practitioner Winter Laake discussed the nature of evil and why people do bad things as well as his use of Satanic black magic. "Mankind is inherently evil," he declared, arguing that there is an instinctual desire within human beings to do bad things as well as an unexplained pleasure which is derived from seeing the suffering of others. He suggested that this predisposition towards evil is suppressed by laws that keep most people from committing dastardly deeds. "We have structured around us a cordon of strength and situations that give us our boundaries," Laake observed. To that end, he pointed to the terror group ISIS as an example of the evil depths humanity can sink to if it devolves into a lawless state.

During his appearance, Laake also detailed his use of Satanic black magic which he described as "molding the world through your own desires through your own will." He stressed that the practice is not positive or wishful thinking, but rather a "forced mental and conscious decision to have an achievement or goal." As such, Laake conceded that Satanic black magic is "kind of wicked," since it relies on tapping into the natural evil found within a person and removing any impediments which may stand in way of accomplishing one's goals. For practitioners of black magic, Laake revealed, "if someone is in the way of something they want, they'll get that person out of the way." He likened it to standard scheming which people do in their everyday lives, but a more honest approach since it acknowledges and harnesses humanity's natural evil.


The latter half of the program featured Open Lines and included Ace in California recounting a remarkable ghost story from his childhood when he was hospitalized with severe meningitis. He recalled how, one morning, his great grandfather visited him at his hospital room and chatted with him for about five minutes before leaving. When Ace mentioned the visit to his nurse a few moments later, she replied, "I've been sitting outside your door all night, no one has come near this room." Chillingly, he would discover many years later that his great grandfather had actually died in his sleep six or seven hours before he had visited him. Ace theorized that "he was given a choice of him or me and he chose to go to save me since I was so young."

Later in the evening, Lori in California detailed her strange medical condition which arose after receiving a head injury during her time in the Marines. Subsequently, Lori said, she developed an affliction where she mentally blacks out, but physically appears to be conscious. These experience, she said, can sometimes last for long periods of time such as a week or even a month. Despite numerous visits to different doctors, medical professionals have been either baffled by her condition or skeptical that it is even happening. Amongst the other callers during Open Lines were Nathan in Ohio, who talked about his abduction experiences at the hands of interdimensional mantis-like beings, and Alex in Missouri, who shared a bizarre doppelganger story.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi, Steve Kates, & Peter Davenport

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