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Border Patrol Tales/ Open Lines

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Retired Border Patrol agent Rocky Elmore discussed the strange, sad and paranormal events he witnessed while working in an isolated no-man's land in the mysterious Otay Mountains near San Diego. According to Native American lore, Elmore said, the mountains were considered a sacred location that humans were forbidden from visiting because they could upset the evil spirits that allegedly lived there. Despite this history, Elmore and his colleagues were forced to patrol the area after it became a high traffic location for illegal immigrants attempting to enter America. "There were literally hundreds and hundreds of people every night coming over," he recalled, noting that nearly 300 people died trying to make the difficult trek during his years working there. Over time, Elmore had a number of odd experiences in the Otay Mountains and became privy to similar stories from his colleagues.

One frequent tale shared by several agents working in the area was of a spirit that Elmore called "the little girl in white," because she appeared to be a three-year-old child wearing a white nightgown and possessing an eerie glow about her. In one encounter, a pair of agents spotted the girl standing beneath a tree at three in the morning. After staring at the men for a few minutes, she simply faded away, leaving them with a feeling of profound sadness. On another occasion, an agent spotted the girl lying face down in a small creek. Thinking that she was a drowning victim, the agent went back to his vehicle to call for help. "When he looked back over at the water, she was gone," Elmore said, "and he looked down beside him and she was standing next to him looking straight up at him."

He also recounted an unsettling Bigfoot story from early in his career patrolling the Otay Mountains. During a midnight shift, Elmore and his group got lost due to some fog in the area, so they followed the Otay River to regain their bearings. While doing so, they heard a solitary splash in the water, but could not decipher what caused it. Later that night, some agents were called to investigate suspicious traffic on the mountain. As they were investigating it, the men were suddenly called back by their supervisor who, using thermal imaging technology, saw that there was a very large predator following them. Initially, the incident was attributed to a very large mountain lion, but a few months later, the supervisor confided in some co-workers that he had spotted "a large bipedal creature coming up from the Otay River," boasting a massive heat signature, and seemingly stalking the unsuspecting agents.


The latter half of the program featured Open Lines. Bruce in North Carolina told George about his "really dramatic devil dog experience." One evening during the early 1990's, he let his Siberian Husky go out into the backyard and was stunned to see a massive black dog with glowing red eyes emerge from around the corner of his house. His husky, which was normally quite fearless, suddenly sprinted back into the home, while the mysterious black dog turned around and walked away. Emboldened to investigate, Bruce quickly ventured after the beast but it simply vanished from the area. Other callers during the evening included Mark in California, who picked up a hitchhiker that may have tried to psychically attack him, and Will from Florida, who spotted a cigarette-smoking ghost in his neighbor's garage.

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