Night Terrors & the Hat Man/ Open Lines

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Night Terrors & the Hat Man/ Open Lines

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In the first half, George Noory welcomed paranormal researcher Heidi Hollis for a discussion on night terrors as well as an entity known as the 'Hat Man.' She described night terrors as a variety of strange experiences which seem to occur when a person is in the stage between being asleep and awake. According to her, someone who experiences the phenomenon may "bolt up in bed, scream, moan, mumble, or thrash about with their eyes open." While scientists theorize that night terrors are simply a natural phenomenon caused by a conflict between the brain and the body during sleep, she suggested that there may be a paranormal element to the strange experiences. To that end, Hollis noted that she has received "perhaps thousands of emails" from people who report waking up from a night terror episode and "there usually is something in the room creeping up on them."

She also provided an update on her research into the 'Hat Man,' an unsettling entity that is typically described as wearing a Zorro-esque hat. Hollis stressed that, unlike Shadow People, the Hat Man is a solid being that usually appears at night and can walk through walls. Hollis also revealed that she has recently begun to receive reports from Hat Man witnesses who claim that he has a "helper figure," usually in the form of an old woman or the Grim Reaper, which follows direction from the entity. This development lends credence to Hollis' belief that "if there is a hierarchy of demonic beings out there, he is indeed the one on top." However, Hollis declared that Hat Man and other entities' penchant for visiting people at night indicates that "these things are cowards" since they refuse to meet during waking hours when victims are more alert and able to better counteract their evil energy.


During Open Lines, Cassandra in Oregon shared a bizarre story from when her mother was a child. One night, she got out of bed and went to the sink to get a drink. As she was turning on the faucet, she looked up at the window and saw an "old, scary, wrinkly, evil, grinning" witch looking down at her from outside. The woman then slammed her head into the window and smashed it so hard that the glass embedded itself in the concrete of the kitchen floor. "She's told me this my whole life, over and over," Cassandra said, "and it just gives me the chills to think what is out there." Other callers during the evening included Phyllis, who recalled her inadvertent visit to a Satanic worship session, and Mike in San Luis Obispo, who vividly recounted being abducted by aliens. Additionally, a few callers responded to George's request for tales of people acting crazy, including Tom in Alabama, who told the story of a seemingly mild-mannered co-worker who suddenly snapped and threw acid on one of his colleagues.

News segment guests: Roger Tolces, Steve 'Dr.Sky' Kates, and Peter Davenport


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