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Malevolent Spirits

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Appearing during the first three hours, demonologist Craig S. Martin, who founded Shasta Supernatural Investigators in 1979, discussed malevolent inhuman spirits or demons, and what he's done to combat hauntings or spirit infestations. He was initially involved in witchcraft, specializing in the summoning of spirits, which he later learned were actually harmful demons. In 1979, he was ordained into the priesthood and began helping others combat demons they were plagued with. Demons are not the spirits of the deceased, but rather negative entities that can manipulate any kind of matter on Earth, he outlined.

Another faction in the spirit world are spirit helpers or angels, whom Martin has been able to engage in exorcism or possession cases. The exorcism ritual generally only takes a few minutes to successfully complete because these powerful angelic entities are doing the work, he explained. In one case Martin was called in on, the disturbed person was eating turtle paste out of a can, wandering naked outside, always angry, and writing nonsense in a notebook, and then writing over it in a different language.

Malevolent spirits are very secretive, hiding personal objects, creating poltergeist-like effects in one's home, and telling a person to do things in a whispering voice, he detailed. Typically, he continued, the more attention a person gives to such phenomena, the more the demon thinks the person is interested in them, as they look for an invitation or acknowledgment to further insinuate their presence. Martin said that inanimate objects such as dolls are not capable of directly being possessed but that demons can move them around in a kind of mental projection, and even create sounds such as footsteps. Martin is working on relaunching his website, but in the meantime can be contacted at

The last hour featured Open Lines.

News segment guests: John M. Curtis, Dr. Peter Breggin

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