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Cold Cases/ Open Lines

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In the first half, psychic medium Matt Fraser shared insights into his remarkable abilities and work investigating unsolved cases. He remembered hearing and seeing the dearly departed as early as four years old, when his deceased grandmother returned to visit him. Fraser described himself as a channel through which the departed use a variety of means to pass on messages. "I'll see things in front of me, I'll feel things throughout my body, I'll hear things... I'll feel how a person passed, I'll feel what happened to them before they had passed, and I'll see them as well as see different visions of what was going on and what was happening," he explained. Fraser indicated his work consulting with detectives on puzzling unsolved cases was a natural outgrowth of his work with families of lost children.

"The cases that I work on there are no suspects, there are no leads... it is a cold case," he continued. Fraser spoke about the complications involved in his work on Marilyn Monroe's case because her true identity was markedly different from her public persona. She thought of herself as a failure and feared never finding love or having a family, Fraser reported. In the moments leading to her death, Monroe had been spurned by Robert Kennedy, given sedatives by her concerned staff and locked in a bedroom for safety, he revealed. In a fit of rage Monroe took a deadly handful of pills, regretted it, and attempted to alert her staff to no avail, he added. Fraser also spoke about the circumstances surrounding death of Jimi Hendrix, who passed away from a fatal combination of sleeping pills and copious amounts of alcohol. According to Fraser, he felt what it was like as Hendrix got sick, lost control of his body and died.


During Open Lines, George offered a special topic line for callers with weird stories. Patrick from Hollis, Queens, New York, recounted the time he and a friend witnessed a group of shadow people at his house. "I saw one person sitting at my other sister's computer, another person standing at the chair behind the computer, then someone who was kind of ducking down behind her bed," Patrick said, adding that his friend described seeing the same thing. Carlos in Carson, California, suggested the current drought in his home state could be an artificially created man-made event. "I think they are psychologically conditioning us to live with less water, less food, and the whole agenda is population control by the powers that be," he speculated. 'M' from Atlantic City told George about the time she and a group of male friends saw what they believe was the ghost of a deceased twin of one of their members. She described the apparition as the transparent figure of a man with a smoke-filled body that faded in and out.

The last half hour featured a replay of part of George's interview with the late Fr. Nicholas Gruner on the Third Secret of Fatima.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi / Chuck Coppes

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