Vocal Psychic Sensitivity/ Open Lines

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Vocal Psychic Sensitivity/ Open Lines

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In the first half, guest host Dave Schrader (email) welcomed voice natural direct sensitive, Joe Who, for a discussion on his lifelong ability to hear people’s voices, and see inside their lives and past history. According to Who, all that's required to connect with a person is to hear his or her first name and birth month. "When I hear a person's voice I start to see things behind my eyes... it's kind of like reading a teleprompter [that shows words and colors]," he explained.

He revealed his ability is always on so he uses noise-canceling headphones to relax or plays music on a keyboard to decompress. Who said he can pick up on what is happening with a person who is speaking either on live television or via a digital recording, but nothing in analog works. The ability does stop if he consumes alcohol, Who noted. He did not wish to comment on whether or not he receives information about when a person will die but indicated during some readings he sees nothing. Who described a reading in which he picked up on the activities of a child molesting truck driver. He also provided readings for listeners who called into the program.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the show. Philip in Augusta, Maine, shared details about UFO experiences he had in his early teens. According to Philip, he would go into the woods, focus his intent at a point on the horizon, and a portal through which UFOs could enter would open. He claimed other neighborhood children as well as his twin brother witnessed these occurrences. "I tend to believe, you know, that it was kind of more spiritual rather than an alien from a planet," he said.

Ron from Buffalo, New York, phoned in to advocate for the end of police violence and the so-called war on drugs. "The war on drugs is an absolute fraud," Ron opined, calling for the need to reduce the number of arrests, place cameras on police uniforms, set up citizens review boards, and encourage more states to legalize marijuana. Cheryl in Huntington Beach, California, spoke with Dave about dream visitations, in which a recently deceased person visits a loved one or friend within 30 to 90 days of the death.


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