Nuclear War on Mars

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Nuclear War on Mars

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Filling in for George, Richard Syrett welcomed Richard C. Hoagland for a discussion about evidence for nuclear war on Mars, disclosure, and how our solar system appears to have been 'remodeled' for life (additional Hoagland links:, According to Hoagland, his early analysis of Viking's Mars data revealed not only some kind of ancient civilization there, but also anomalous isotopes in the atmosphere resembling those seen in hydrogen bomb tests on Earth. "Some of the craters in the Cydonia region, around the face and the pyramids, did not look like natural meteoritic impact craters... they looked like the nuclear explosion tests in Nevada," he added. Hoagland concurred with plasma physicist Dr John Brandenburg that a global nuclear war wiped out Martian civilization (related article).

Hoagland believes the real data shows we live in a formerly inhabited solar system. He estimated the odds of life on Mars (and on the moon) as better than a person perishing in an airplane crash. "The human race on this planet is not alone and is surrounded in orbit by myriad, millions of artifacts, of every conceivable size and description on all of the world's we have visited," he suggested. Hoagland referenced The Report from Iron Mountain, which proposes space exploration as a means to save the human race, as well as the Brookings Report and its infamous short section titled, "The implications of a discovery of extraterrestrial life." Interestingly, the 1960 report notes mankind would likely find ruins on the moon, Mars, and Venus within 20 years.

Hoagland commented on what he called NASA's "creeping disclosure," as the space agency continues to release highly detailed images which he believes clearly show artifacts on Mars and elsewhere. He credited the push of private industry into space with forcing their hand on the issue, since they will eventually find out on their own. Hoagland also spoke about the Chinese lunar mission finding ruins on the moon, as well as how mainstream science has reached consensus that our solar system is apparently one of kind and bizarrely unique. Our solar system was 'remodeled' hundreds of millions of years ago by a Type II civilization, he explained, noting how the precision of the moon's placement provided a stabilizing influence which allowed life to arise on Earth. And ours many not have been the only solar system they tinkered with, Hoagland speculated.

The remainder of the show featured Open Lines.

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