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Materializations & Ectoplasm/ Open Lines

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Materialization, especially full-body materialization, is the rarest of all reported paranormal physical phenomena. Portions of human bodies, such as hands which move, grasp and carry things, or entire bodies which speak, breath and walk like living beings, materialize from ectoplasm, according to physicist and professor Jan Vandersande. He joined host Richard Syrett (filling in for George) in the first half for discussion on séance materializations and why he believes they provide evidence for life after death.

There exist a rare kind of medium that can produce physical phenomena, Vandersande reported, estimating only one one-hundredth of one percent of mediums possess the capability. They can make trumpets fly, produce direct voice communications (voices from the spirit world not coming out of the medium), and produce ectoplasm, he continued. During a séance, ectoplasm pours out of the medium's mouth or nose, pools on the floor, and then builds into a body part or whole person, Vandersande explained. A full body materialization walks and talks as a normal person, he revealed. "I've seen it. I've seen photographs of it. I've touched them," he added.

Vandersande pointed to the cover of his book, Life After Death, for what he considers to be one of the best examples of a full body materialization captured on film. The photo was taken by anatomy professor Jack Allen, he noted. These materializations sink into the floor while delivering their messages and the ectoplasm returns to the medium, Vandersande disclosed. He described being part of a séance in a totally darkened room where a supposed full body materialization walked around touching participants on the head and allowing Vandersande to feel the pulse of its neck artery. "The evidence is so overwhelming... that anybody who denies that these things exist does not know what they are talking about," he said.


During Open Lines, Richard Syrett revealed how the number 'ten ten' seems to have special meaning in his life. Richard said he used to work for radio station CFRB AM 1010, where he met his wife, and his twin sons were born on October 10 at 10:10 PM. Truck driver Greg from Kansas City said his special number involves ones. He recalled being on the road and passing mile marker 111 at precisely 11:11 PM, while his odometer had a string of four 1's in a row. Greg also revealed that he has a grandaughter born on 11/11/11.

Another interesting call came in from Dominic in Manteca, California, who told Richard about how repeatedly seeing chemtrails over his house and finding evidence of web-like streams led him to start his Chemchasers reality show. Dominic explained how has long noticed a correlation between Weather Channel rain forecasts and chemtrail activity that he believes prevented the rain from falling. "I believe it is a weather modification program," he said.

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