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Zombie Apocalypse/ Open Lines

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In the first half of the program, George Noory welcomed former TV news director and author Forrest Carr for a discussion on the increase of weird and violent incidents around the world, and the possibility of an actual zombie apocalypse. "We're just all getting crazier," Carr said, commenting on how often bizarre stories are popping up in the news. From a passenger relieving himself in the aisle of an airplane to the deranged Miami man who ate another man's face, these kinds of strange news items are becoming increasingly common, he noted.

If the trend continues, it will probably look like a zombie apocalypse, Carr continued. He described a kind of real-world zombie that, unlike its fictitious counterpart, is sick but not dead. According to Carr, there have been two outbreaks (one a pandemic affecting a million people) of a disease called Encephalitis lethargica which caused some of those afflicted to become hyper-violent zombies. "A mysterious disease that has struck twice before could come back in a more virulent form," he warned. Carr again pointed to odd news stories that suggest a continued unraveling of society, including a violent flash mob in Philadelphia and the crash of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, which he thinks was brought down by the pilot for personal reasons.


The latter half of Friday's show featured Open Lines. Frequent caller and self-professed God's ten-star general in the war against media pornography, JC Webster phoned in with a rant about popular literary "filth," including the sorcery of Harry Potter, the rise of vampire culture, and the "perversion of discipline" presented in 50 Shades of Grey. "I can't stand it," he fumed. JC also accused George (and Alex Jones) for crashing his compound, releasing a bunch of cats, and drinking Southern Comfort and Lone Star beer.

Thad in West Virginia told George about his past life regression at Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. (Association for Research and Enlightenment) in which he recalled working in a tar pit. Thad said he initially sought non-conventional treatment at A.R.E. because conventional medicine had done little to help with a severe 12-year bout with eczema. An energy healer eventually cleared the skin condition which covered 80% of his body, he reported. Jeff from Chelsea, Massachusetts warned about how net neutrality will turn internet service into a public utility. "Once that happens freedom of speech will be taken away," Jeff cautioned, adding that conservative and Christian opinion would likely disappear immediately.

News segment guests: Catherine Austin Fitts / Marc Zicree / Peter Davenport

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