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Haunted Illinois/ Open Lines

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Founder of New Age Paranormal Research in Decatur, Illinois, Adam White is a guide for the Haunted Decatur Tour, which is the second longest-running haunted/history tour. He is also a public speaker on history and hauntings, and teaches a non-credit course: Paranormal 101. In the first half of the program, White spoke about the nature of ghostly activity and recounted a few bizarre events he has witnessed. "Hauntings increase with more energy," he said, noting how places which continually hosted groups of people often have residual paranormal energy left behind that can replay over and over again.

In one of the stops on his tour, a haunted theater, White claimed something strange happens one out of ten times there. He suggested Decatur's paranormal history began after settlers built the city atop Native American burial grounds and, eventually, their own graveyards when additional room was needed to expand the metropolitan boundaries. He also shared details from a childhood experience which left an indelible mark on him. According to White, he and his grandfather were out delivering newspapers when they heard the sound of a train and felt its vibration, then saw a solid white light about the size of a basketball fly past over the tracks. He recalled his grandfather's cryptic words, "That was nothing, don't worry about it," and pointed out that several people have reported similar experiences since he saw the ghost train in 1993.


During Open Lines, Sarah in Pocatello, Idaho, phoned in to share her theory about why the 21 ISIS captives marched to their own deaths without putting up a fight. Sarah said a drug similar to burundanga, which has reportedly been used in South America to put crime victims into a compliant zombie-like state, may have been given to the captives. Evan from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, told George about how strange feelings at his new home led him to attempt EVP (electronic voice phenomena) recordings. According to Evan, on one recording the words, "help me," can be heard. Evan wondered why a newer house would have this kind of paranormal activity. Pat recalled the time when the Pet Cemetery production came to Bangor, Maine, to film in a cemetery there. Pat said she though it odd that a historic barn near the cemetery, which was also used for filming, mysteriously burned to the ground.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi / Steve "Dr. Sky" Kates / Peter Davenport

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