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In the first half, hypnotherapist Mark Allen Frost detailed his encounters with "Seth," whom he believes is the same spirit who previously communicated with Jane Roberts. Frost traced his interaction with Seth back to 2002, when one of his hypnotherapy clients inadvertently came into contact with the entity. During a subsequent session, he tested this entity with verifiable questions and ultimately was convinced it was Seth. Based on their communications, Frost explained that the entity represents a "soul family" which has communicated with humanity throughout millennia. While Frost serves as the primary channel for the entity's messages today, he claimed that it also acts as a guide for many people, using the guise of Seth as well as in feelings such as intuition.

During his appearance, Frost shared a number of predictions for future events which were revealed to him via sessions with Seth. According to these exchanges, the United States and China will both experience upheaval in their monetary systems during 2015. Additionally, he said, the population is undergoing a "neo-renaissance" which will spurn a non-violent revolution that will result in "negative leaders" being ousted from office sometime "in the next few months." Beyond that, Frost warned that large earthquakes and volcanic eruptions will also befall the planet sometime in the next year as well. In the second hour, Frost answered listener questions while channeling Seth.


During Open Lines, Tim in Lake Tahoe expressed concern over the rise in chemtrails in his area and lamented that "they are spraying this place like crazy" to the point that the once-famous clear blue skies of the region are now a rare occurrence. He theorized that the increase in chemtrails over California is due to the 'powers that be' wishing to prolong the drought which has crippled the state. Later in the program, truck driver Mark in Alabama warned about an influx of foreign drivers within the industry as well as the seemingly systematic acquisition of small hotels at truck stops by international companies. He suggested that these two trends may be part of a larger agenda aimed at facilitating future terror attacks against the United States.

Matt in Ohio shared his near death-experience which occurred during a childhood visit to Disneyland. While embarking on an aerial gondola ride that traveled above the theme park, young Matt suddenly slipped from the cart and found himself hanging from it as the ride took to the air. Despite the other passengers screaming for someone to stop the ride, the journey continued onward and Matt found himself dangling precariously over Disneyland. "By this time, I'm midway over the park," he laughed in retrospect, "I could see the curvature of the Earth!" Fortunately, his brother finally noticed him at the bottom of the airborne cart and pulled him back into safety.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi & Peter Davenport

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