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Controlled Remote Viewing

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Host Connie Willis (email) was joined by Executive Director of Problems>Solutions>Innovations (P>S>I), Lyn Buchanan, for a discussion on Controlled Remote Viewing and his time as one of the original psychic spies. He explained that the practice is called 'Controlled Remote Viewing' because "the viewer has control over her or her own abilities." As such, Buchanan clarified that, as an RV instructor, he is not teaching students how to be psychic, since the ability is already present within the subconscious mind. On the contrary, he said, instructors help prospective viewers to develop a "line of communication" with the latent psychic ability and to learn how to "use the body as a translator" for this exchange via perceptions like sight, smell, and taste.

In detailing how time does not exist during remote viewing, Buchanan shared the story of being hired as a consultant by a lunar exploration company which sought information on how to build a temporary moon base. Since he did not want his team of viewers to simply invent their own solution to this problem, he had them look ahead to a future time when the shelter has already been built and he recorded their descriptions of this structure. The temporary moon base which exists in the future, he said, consists of a massive sheet of Mylar that is stretched over a small crater and uses only sixteen pounds of air pressure to maintain a safe environment inside. Buchanan laughed that, after submitting the information to the company, "they were just overwhelmed by how smart we were" for ostensibly solving the daunting engineering challenge.

One troubling application for remote viewing, which Buchanan detailed, is the ability to enter into a person's mind. He expressed displeasure with such a task, since it reveals a wealth of personal information about the target which can be unsettling to an unsuspecting viewer. Additionally, he warned that, after going into someone's mind, the viewer can unknowingly acquire the traits or plans of their target. To that end, he recalled being tasked with looking into the mind of a foreign military leader to determine their "plans and intentions." On the way home, Buchanan was musing about chores he needed to do that weekend and, while listing them in his mind, he was shaken to realize that he'd nonchalantly included "kill my wife" among them. Eerily, the wife of the foreign military leader would go on to die under mysterious circumstances that very weekend.


In the first hour, conspiracy, paranormal, and cryptid researcher, Leslie S. Mitts, talked about Lycandroids, bipedal wolfen hybrids that stand over seven feet tall, walk on their hind legs, and possess the strength of ten strong adult human males. While werewolf-esque beings have been reported for centuries, Mitts stressed that a different form of the creature appears to have emerged in recent years and that this entity is far more muscular and dangerous than has been reported in the past. She speculated that these contemporary Lycandroids are the result of genetic manipulation which may have begun with the arrival of Nazi scientists in America following WWII. The creatures are allegedly so ferocious, she said, that even Bigfoot are frightened of them and avoid the forest areas where they reside.

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