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Intention & Coincidences/ Open Lines

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Filling in for George, Richard Syrett welcomed Epoch Times reporter Tara MacIssac for a discussion on her research into the power of human intention and a physicist who says it can be imprinted into a machine (related article). Dr. William Tiller discovered a powerful unseen substance in what had been commonly understood as empty space within atoms which can be activated by human intention, MacIssac explained. He compared the power of the unseen substance in a single atom to all of the electromagnetic energy contained within 15 billion light years of Earth, she added. "Our human consciousness, our intention, is able to affect this substance," MacIssac said. She described an experiment that showed human intention can change the pH-level of water, as well as the device Dr. Tiller has developed which can purportedly record and retransmit human intentions.

MacIssac also reported on the work of Dr. Bernard D. Beitman and the science of coincidences (related article). She detailed how Dr. Beitman divided coincidences into several categories, including synchronicity (moving together in time), serendipity (finding what you need just when you need it), seriality (strings of similar events), and simulpathity (feeling another's distress at a distance). MacIssac shared the personal coincidence that inspired Dr. Beitman's work. When he was a child his dog went missing for several hours and the young Dr. Beitman rode his bike to the police station to ask for help. When the officers could offer no help he became distraught, got back on his bike, and took a wrong turn on the way home. Incredibly, there before him was his dog waiting to meet him there on the wrong street, she noted.


The last half of the program featured Open Lines. Jimi from Hawaii spoke about a spontaneous healing from cancer which led her to learn Chinese Qigong healing methodologies based on intention. According to the Jimi, these healing techniques helped successfully treat advanced breast cancer and eliminate a tumor the size of an orange in her right breast. Jimi claimed this kind of thing happens to other people every week in healing circles she leads. Eric in Denver shared details from a near death experience he had after suffering a severe open head injury from a motorcycle accident and entering into a coma state. He remembered seeing a tunnel of light and encountering God who asked if he wanted to live or die, after which he awakened from the coma. Eric said he had 100 percent memory loss, developed empathic abilities, and 'coincidences' seem to happen daily to him now. John from Knoxville, Tennessee, told Richard about his friend's unexpected meeting with armor-clad angels atop his mobile home. John asked listeners with extraordinary stories to email him at

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