World Events/ Predictions for 2015

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World Events/ Predictions for 2015

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In the first half, author and adventurer Robert Young Pelton, who has traveled the globe working with private military contractors, presented a world events round-up. 2014 wasn't an especially bad year, he remarked, but it had a number of shocking events that made people uneasy, such as the shooting down of a jetliner over Ukraine. "I think next year, we're going to see the result of a lot of long term changes that we didn't pay attention to during the [post] 9-11 years," he continued, adding that many of Pres. Obama's plans seem to finally be coming to fruition, such as winding down the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Pelton foresees a jump in angry foreign nations who start blaming America for their problems. "We're going to be in an era of low intensity conflict with many countries over the next 3-5 years, which will unsettle people here," he said. Additionally, he envisions the US entering into an isolationist period, with citizens becoming more nationalistic and, and less concerned with other countries-- we'll hear about meltdowns in China, and the Middle East, but we won't care as much, he opined. Regarding unrest in places such as Ferguson, MO, he suggested that local residents should act as security, policing their own neighborhoods, rather than have the police aggravating the situation.


In the latter half, George Noory hosted the long-standing Coast to Coast AM tradition of reading listener predictions for the past year, and recording predictions for the new year ahead-- 2015.

Here are some highlights of what people predicted for the new year:

  • Nick from Garden City, NY said that JC Webster will become a host on Coast to Coast.
  • People will start getting medical implants to save money on Obamacare, Michael suggested.
  • Greg in Missouri said the US Postal Service will start to recover.
  • Hugh in Grants Pass believes Muslims will join the EU, bringing in 300 million new people into Europe, with an ensuing fight over Sharia law.
  • A caller from Marion, Illinois said Facebook will implode, with their stock market valuation crashing.
  • Vickie in Knoxville predicted that George will have another grandchild.
  • Obama will federalize local police departments said Jim in Indiana.
  • Melodie in Lincoln, Nebraska foresees a number of financial scandals, but also a lot of people doing well and becoming millionaires.
  • Organic food will overtake conventionally grown food predicted Michael from Chesterfield, MO.
  • Dan in Peoria predicts that there'll be a run on the banks, with people pulling their money out.
  • Shawn in Spokane foresees a Superbowl match between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots, with victory going to Seattle.
  • Sharon in Crane, MO thinks there will be an earthquake in the NYC area around May.
  • George Noory predicted that a small asteroid will hit the planet-- not a meteorite that blows up in the atmosphere.

George also conducted an "Auld Lang Syne" singing contest with callers, yielding a number of rousing versions of the classic New Year's tune.

News segment guests: Dr. Gary Ridenour, Jerome Corsi


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What were the year's most memorable UFO and alien stories? Huffington Post offers a round-up with photos that includes a pilot's near miss with a UFO above Heathrow Airport, a huge cigar-shaped UFO seen over a city in Ukraine, and the discovery of an "alien base" off Malibu (which we covered on C2C).

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