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During the first three hours of the program, Connie Willis (email) was joined by medium and paranormal investigator Chip Coffey, who shared his thoughts on paranormal topics representing each letter of the alphabet. Beginning with angels, he theorized that these are beings that were created by God to serve as emissaries and, as such, never spend a lifetime on Earth. To that end, he contrasted this with people who pass away, enter the spirit realm, and are entrusted to return to provide guidance for the living. "Grandma is not going to die and become an angel," he said, "Grandma becomes a spirit." Other topics which Coffey discussed from the early portion of the alphabet included Bigfoot, EVPs, and karma.

At the center of the alphabetical discourse, Coffey focused on mediumship which he defined as "interdimensional transcommunication." As a practicing medium, Coffey explained that he rarely has unplanned encounters with spirits trying to contact him, since he is usually able to suppress this ability at will. He also observed that, based on his experience, spirits generally "move on" from Earth after their death and are "not constantly stalking us," although they may 'visit' from time to time. That said, Coffey noted that calling on these spirits with the help of a medium may entice these departed loved ones to make their presence felt. Orbs, psychics, and his ghostly encounter aboard the haunted Queen Mary were amongst the realms covered as Coffey's continued the journey from A to Z.

For the letter 'S,' Coffey tackled skeptics and chided them for being "aggressive, often combative people." He lamented that ardent skeptics seem more focused on debunking paranormal beliefs at all costs rather than simply asking for evidence or conceding that they do not know what causes paranormal phenomena. When covering the letter 'W,' he shared the tale of a creature called a 'wangdoodle' which allegedly lurked on his farm as a child. This entity was described as a pan-like being that supposedly left three-toed tracks on the property from time to time. Concluding his tour of the paranormal alphabet just moments before his appearance came a close, Coffey joked that the letter 'Z' stood for "the sound of me going to sleep."

Open Lines

The final hour of the program was devoted to Open Lines and featured a number of callers recounting their eerie stories. Dennis in Philadelphia detailed his experience living in a haunted house and attempting to get EVPs from spirits in the location. One particularly troubling recording, he said, contained a strange voice which seemed to be trying to imitate Dennis' late mother but called family members by the wrong name. Later during Open Lines, Tim in Lake Tahoe revealed that he had discovered a boulder which contains the embossed face of an ET grey. "I can tell you one hundred percent," he declared, "it was not made by anybody's hands." In light of numerous UFO sightings in the area, Tim speculated that the odd ET impression in the boulder may be an indicator that there is an underground alien base nearby.


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