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Angels in Our Lives

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In the first half of the show, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, a leading expert in the metaphysical and paranormal fields, celebrated Christmas Eve with George as they discussed angels, their origins, and how we communicate with them. "I've always looked at angels as guardians of the cosmic order-- they are charged with keeping everything in balance," she remarked. They can be thought of as intermediaries, taking our prayers to God, and bringing answers back, she continued, adding that they can also be disciplinarians, acting out the will of God, "even when it's to the punishment or detriment of the human being."

There are many cases where angels have intervened unbidden in a variety of ways, such as "rescuing people from dangerous situations, critical problems, and even being the instruments and channels of miraculous healing," Guiley noted. They often appear as a flesh and blood human being "at just the right moment" to offer crucial aid, then can seemingly vanish when the person looks away, she recounted.

Some believe that the dead cannot become angels, as angels are spiritual beings created in a different way than humans. Yet, Guiley has heard many accounts of the deceased acting as guardian angels to their loved ones. The question of whether angels have free will, or just follow God is an interesting one. There are traditions where angels seem to act independently-- the Fallen Angels, for example, were angels who exercised their own free will, and were cast out, ending up as demons who torment the planet, she said.

Christmas Eve Open Lines

Open Lines followed in the second half. Stacey from Lodi, CA told of her intriguing encounter with an angelic-like boy she saw on the street who was having a great deal of trouble walking. He refused to take a ride from her, and when she returned with a drink for him minutes later, he had completely disappeared from the area. Ezekiel in Tacoma described a haunting encounter with a child with strange eyes, that was reminiscent of Black-Eyed children stories, and Roger from California shared his startlingly detailed memory of his own birth, when he was put under an ultraviolet light in the hospital.

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