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The Andreasson Affair

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Host Dave Schrader (email) was joined by UFO abductee Betty Andreasson Luca, along with husband Bob Luca, for a discussion on her famed 1967 abduction event. The seminal case has earned legendary status in UFO lore due to the vividness of her recall under hypnosis as well as the detailed inner consistency of her story and was documented in the iconic book, The Andreasson Affair, by Raymond Fowler.

Betty recalled three childhood experiences she had prior to her famous 1967 encounter, including one at thirteen when she was actually taken aboard a craft for the first time. Betty described being in a room of light surrounded by beings. "They do put a relaxed feeling on you so no matter what you're going through you know you're going to be all right," she said. Bob shared his own childhood encounter with a light from the sky and beings that communicated to him about their work preparing something good for the world.

On the evening of January 25, 1967, Betty experienced an astonishing close encounter of the fourth kind. The lights at her house went out and a red-orange light spilled in through the kitchen pantry window, Betty remembered, noting how her father was the first to see the beings. He thought they looked like children in Halloween costumes hoping down the hill, she recalled. According to Betty, five beings passed through a solid wood door into the kitchen and the leader communicated telepathically with her before passing over a thin blue book.

Betty admitted leaving with the beings and boarding their craft, where she was placed on a table to be measured for light and had a needle inserted through her navel. She described the beings as grey aliens with large black eyes, wearing blue suits with an eagle insignia. Bob noted his 1967 encounter with similar beings but dressed in skin-tight red uniforms with a lightning bolt insignia. Betty said she believes the entities she met were angelic watchers.


Aliens & Angels

In the first hour, author Robert Ethier (Book Link) talked about his work on aliens and angels. People who have had encounters with glorious-looking entities report receiving positive, uplifting messages, he explained. On some occasions, there is not a message at all. As an example, he recounted the story of a man who was frightened by a hideous entity that sat on his bed and simply stared at him. Ethier shared a fascinating case about a ball of light that followed a couple of children down a path through the woods. "This ball of light came to the end of the path at the road right next to them, stopped as if observing them, and took off at tremendous speed, he said. Ethier also reported on strange events associated with the Allagash abductions and an intriguing UFO story from Rochester, Massachusetts.

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