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Haunted St. Louis

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St. Louis' own paranormal pioneer, Steven LaChance, discussed the most haunted locations in St. Louis including the Union Screaming house, which the Roman Catholic Church describes as having all three stages of a demonic haunting, as well as the Lemp Mansion, the Fabulous Fox Theater, and Zombie Road. "When you start taking all of our stories and all of the hauntings that we have here," he marveled about St. Louis, "we really are one of the most haunted cities in America." Based on his experiences investigating haunted locations, LaChance posited that settings which feature a high level of transients, such as schools, hotels, and hospitals, seem to be ideal for future ghostly activity. "People come in and things happen," he observed, "and people bring their own baggage with them into these places."

LaChance's interest in haunted locations began in 2001 after his family began experiencing ghostly activity in a home they rented. The incidents began with his children reporting eerie events like being chased by an entity of some kind and objects moving by themselves. Although skeptical at first, LaChance received confirmation one evening when he spotted a smoky black figure standing in a doorway. He and his family would leave the home after only three months, since the activity began getting even more sinister and culminated in an incident where something locked LaChance's children inside a bedroom. After the entity seemingly followed LaChance to his new home and also tormented the new tenant, the Roman Catholic Church actually studied the location and issued an unprecedented 150-page report which confirmed that a demonic infestation was taking place there.

Regarding his investigation into Zombie Road, LaChance confessed that he first suspected that the supernatural tales surrounding the location were simply urban legend, but his opinion was forever altered after a terrifying visit to the area. In 2007, LaChance and a pair of researchers traveled to the wooded location in the hopes of filming the famed shadow people that are said to lurk there. At around 3 AM, he said, the temperature suddenly dropped and 15 to 20 shadow figures emerged from the trees. "You could feel them looking at you," he recalled, "and you're surrounded in the middle of the woods and the middle of the night, when no one can hear you scream." Looking back on his eerie experience at Zombie Road, LaChance mused that "it was one of those moments where you catch yourself going 'why am I here and why am I doing this?'"

Ancient Carvings

In the first hour, 'forbidden archaeologist' Michael Cremo shared his thoughts on the discovery of a 540,000-year-old shell which contains human carvings. He described the news as a "step in the right direction for mainstream archaeologists," since, until now, the oldest officially recognized engravings were less than 100,000 years old. However, Cremo noted that his research has uncovered similarly engraved shells which are believed to be over 2 million years old. Additionally, he explained that the news-making shell of recent days was actually discovered over 100 years ago and sat in a museum until it was inadvertently noticed by archaeologists studying the collection. Therefore, Cremo suggested, potentially groundbreaking new 'discoveries' may be already be awaiting researchers in overlooked museum caches or even private personal collections.

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