Election Issues/ Tales of the Hat Man

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Election Issues/ Tales of the Hat Man

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Founder of Black Box Voting, an investigative reporting and public education organization for elections, Bev Harris, has become known for her work researching the truth behind electronic voting machines, which can remove transparency of the vote count. In the first half, she updated the latest in voting technologies, and some of the more problematic practices going on in the current election. As touchscreen voting machines are being phased out in many regions, a lot of people are voting on paper ballots with optical screening technology, but this still goes through a computer counting system that is not tamper-proof, she pointed out.

What's next on the horizon, she expects, is a big push toward voting via the Internet or on mobile phones. On the surface, it seems like it would be easier for most people, "but the problem is it has no transparency whatsoever," and a lot of online voting has been hacked, such as for competition TV shows like American Idol, she noted. The voting also ends up being controlled by those who control the system, such as a technical administrator, and this could pose an even bigger risk than hacking, if these individuals were susceptible to bribes, she cautioned.


In the latter half, lecturer and author Heidi Hollis talked about the Hat Man, and Shadow People phenomena. The Hat Man is a demonic presence that people have increasingly encountered, who bears some similarity to a Shadow Person, but can take on a more solid form at times, she explained. He typically wears a gaucho-type hat, top hat, or even a cowboy hat, and when more details can be seen, he is often in a 3-piece suit, occasionally with a chain watch, she continued. He is sometimes observed with glowing red eyes, and a pointed nose and chin, she added.

According to Hollis, the Hat Man is a huge being ranging from 7 to 10 ft tall, and while at times he can perform ingratiating actions (one witness reported "he punched my abusive father"), his goal is to instill fear and create havoc. Shadow People, who have a more hidden, murky presence, tend to react when they're spotted, and can be more combative at these times, she cited. When encountering various negative entities, such as aliens, Shadow People, and the Hat Man, invoking the name of Jesus can be helpful in getting them to leave, she advised.

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