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Psychic Communications/ Open Lines

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In the first half of the show, spiritual psychic Angela Moore, also known as the Hillbilly Psychic, talked about the process she uses to tap into the energies around her, including other dimensions. She revealed what she is seeing and feeling via communications from spirits and other worldly beings, and her visions of future events. Moore described an ever-prevalent spirit of meanness she senses in the world and warned about the dark path upon which humanity walks. The good news? It's not too late to alter the course, she noted.

Moore spoke about how her visions appear in symbolic forms and often come from spirit guides and aliens. The longer it takes for these visions to manifest, the bigger the event, she noted. Moore shared a vision she received inside a split rock at Brown Mountain, where an old Native American man appeared to her and she began to speak in the Cherokee language. Moore was told, "when the mountains begin to walk then you'll know the end of days is beginning." Humanity still has a chance to delay this by changing its direction, she reiterated.

Moore told an amazing story about receiving phone calls from a recently deceased friend. According to Moore, a couple of nights after her friend Amy passed away she received a cell phone call from an 'unknown' caller. The voicemail was noisy but the voice was definitely Amy's, she reported. Another message purportedly from Amy was received the next night. "She's just calling to tell me she died," Moore suggested. She also shared a frightening experience with a doll that she and her family saw staring out of the living room window one night. Upon entering the house the doll was found lying on a couch on the other side of the room across from the window, she recalled.


The latter half of the program was devoted to Open Lines. Albert from Costa Mesa, California, reported a UFO sighting this evening in his area. Albert looked in the direction of what he thought was a shooting star and instead saw an object with three lights in a triangular formation with an additional light in the center. He estimated the object was three times larger than a typical commercial airplane and moved through the sky at a much faster rate. Albert also noted that he heard no sound.

Callers also phoned in to the 'on hold' line to share their nightmare experiences about being put on hold. Roger in Grandy, North Carolina, recounted the time he spent over two hours on the phone with his bank to see if he could convert his IRA into an equity loan. Roger said he was passed around to eight different branches of the bank, returned to the person he had initially contacted, and still received no answer to his question. Rick from North Platte, Nebraska, told George about the time he phoned the manufacturer of his faulty diabetes blood monitor and was placed on hold for an hour and 48 minutes. "It was a miserable deal," he said.

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