Ghost Hunting, De-Ghosting & Open Lines

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Ghost Hunting, De-Ghosting & Open Lines

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Filling in for George Noory, Dave Schrader (email) was joined by former faculty member at Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, Von Braschler, who shared his own ghost hunting experiences. Braschler said he has been able to see and sense ghosts since his childhood days growing in Seattle. Ghost can be "seen" by shifting the eyes a little to the left (through the crack in the world) or by visualizing in the mind's eye, he explained. Braschler compared hauntings to plays being acted out, noting that ghosts are often ritualistic and stuck in time to endlessly live out the same scenes.

Braschler discussed how he learned about "de-ghosting" houses from a mentor's secretary. She would go to haunted a location, contact the ghost and convince it to move on, he said, adding that while it is quite natural for spirits to do this they sometimes do need a little encouragement. "Not every haunting involves a deceased person," Braschler continued. He spoke about dark entities created from negative emotions as well as other dangerous spirits that were never earthly beings.

Braschler recounted the case of a Native American herbalist whose mobile home near Mt. Hood was haunted by such a force. The spirit manifested itself in different ways to different people. The young daughter saw little girl playmate with golden curls and the mother and stepfather were tormented by a strangling sensation at night as they slept, he reported. According to Braschler, the entity's true form was hideous and after he got it out of the house it entered his car where it strangled him. The mobile home caught fire a few days later, he said, blaming the arson on the former dark resident.


During Open Lines, Gordon in Troy, Ohio, recalled growing up in a house with an inexplicable foul odor that would not go away despite extensive renovations to rooms and plumbing. Gordon said his parents sat on their bed one day and called out to a spirit they believed lived in the home, informing the entity it could stay and asking if it would stop the strange smell. After that the smell disappeared, he said. Mark from San Antonio, Texas, told Dave about the frightening time two Black-Eyed Children came to his door, asked to come inside and, when refused entry, simply vanished. Allen in Springfield, Missouri, recounted the time he had massive chest pain and then saw a white orb with energy swirling about it floating near his ceiling. According to Allen, his dog also saw the orb and came over to place a paw on his chest. Allen said at that moment he prayed to God for healing and received it.

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