Pre-Supermoon Open Lines

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Pre-Supermoon Open Lines

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George Noory hosted an evening of Open Lines. Tom from Knoxville, Tennessee, recalled the time he heard his high-level Mason uncle discussing revelations about the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Tom said his uncle and other Masonic associates knew the airplane would be hijacked and flown to a location south of Saudi Arabia, where it would be used in a clandestine operation to kill 17 high-level targets. That area was struck by a drone a few days later and the debris was scattered to make it appear like a wreckage site, Tom said.

Don in Fort Collins, Colorado, told George about an uncanny ability his seeing eye dog had to do math. Don explained that he lost his sight gradually and on walks with his guide poodle noticed how it could make real-time trigonometric calculations to keep him from smashing his head into low-hanging branches. Don next taught him to work verbal math problems. "I would say things like, 'What's 32 divided by 4?' and he would growl eight times," he revealed. Don said his poodle could even do complex math problems with multiple calculations.

Nick from Garden City, New York, suggested that what we perceive as ghostly activity could be the intersection of our dimension with another one populated with people. Wayne in San Antonio, Texas, presented another theory that may explain the origin of paranormal occurrences. According to Wayne, what many call 'ghosts' could be impressions recorded by the universe. "Some weird Quantum Mechanic is out there that notices the ridiculous or the exaggerated or the violent or the emotional things we do, and the eventful stuff gets recorded," he explained. Psychics can pick up on the vibrations that are left behind, Wayne added.

Galveston Ghosts

In the first hour, Dash Beardsley, paranormal expert and creator of the Ghost Tours of Galveston, shared some of the haunted history and ghost stories from Galveston Island. "I think, really, Galveston per square mile is one of the most haunted places in the world," he declared. Beardsley discussed the place that inspired The Afterlife of Leslie Stringfellow, which details the reportedly successful attempts of a mother and father making contact with their dead son. He also shared his theory that Jack the Ripper was an upholsterer who, after killing his victims in London, traveled to the United States and murdered a prostitute in Galveston.

News segment guests: Peter Breggin / Peter Davenport

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