Fourth of July Secret Door

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Fourth of July Secret Door

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In a special Fourth of July edition of the 'Secret Door,' George Noory welcomed four different guests. First through the door was lecturer and author Heidi Hollis, who announced that she has just released a book on the Hat Man phenomenon. Hollis pointed out differences between the Hat Man and Shadow People, noting that they have different agendas. A person can be dreaming of the Hat Man and awaken to actually find him there, she added. According to Hollis, odd paranormal-type things have happened to her since her Hat Man book came out. "This may be the beginning of worse things to come [for everyone]," she said. Hollis explained that the Hat Man is capable of physically hurting people and suggested the entity may have inspired the recent 'Slenderman' murder.

Consultant George Ure was next through the door. Ure commented on ethics questions surrounding Facebook and changes he sees coming to social media. It is likely that social media will segment into something akin to discussion forums for people with similar interests, he said. Ure provided a general forecast for the near term, predicting a 'super bubble' in the stock markets, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average hitting 25,000 before the next downturn sometime in 2017. He warned of some big challenges facing the nation, including a reduction in jobs because of advances in robotics, self-driving cars, and 3D printing. Ure also proposed congressmen leave Washington, D.C., for their districts and embrace online voting, and the nation develop a new dream to replace the last one—putting an American on the moon.

Remote viewing teacher Major Ed Dames was the third guest through the door. Dames revealed that the significant events he sees coming, such as the Killshot, actually exist in time and do not seem avoidable. Individuals, however, can choose to participate in these events, he added. Dames reiterated his previous statement on the lost Malaysia Airlines flight, stating unequivocally that the plane was hijacked by the captain and went down in the waters to the west of Myanmar. He predicted martial law for the near-term and the US government re-adopting a remote viewing program, as well as proposed that humanity's only chance for salvation is through extraterrestrial contact. Dames also disclosed that China has an advanced telekinesis program.

The final guest through the Secret Door, psychic Anthony Carr, announced his arrival on the show with a short saxophone solo. Carr talked of his love for the Toronto music scene, and how music is an intergalactic language. He shared a story about his father teaching magician Harry Houdini how to hold his breath properly and high dive into shallow water without injuring himself. Carr, who foretold the 9/11 disaster, estimated that around 10 percent of his predictions are accurate (the other 90 percent are for entertainment purposes only). He revealed that his mind's eye sees what he thinks is the missing Malaysia Airlines plane sitting intact in a lush jungle setting. "I wouldn't be surprised if they found it close to the Amazon," Carr said. He played one more sax solo at the end of the segment.

The remainder of the program featured Open Lines.

News segment guests: Harry Dent / Peter Davenport

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