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The Afterlife/ Open Lines

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In the first half of the program, George Noory welcomed former private investigator, Bob Olson, who discussed his work researching the afterlife as well as his transformation from skeptic to believer. He explained that, following the death of his father in 1997, a series of strange events piqued his interest in the potential for life after death. In search of answers, Olson would spend the next two years visiting various psychics and tarot readers, but his skepticism left him dubious about the insights that they imparted to him. However, his perspective changed in 1999 after a three-hour session with a medium where the woman provided clear information that would have been impossible for her to know.

This experience led to Olson spending the next fifteen years studying the different phenomena which provide clues to the afterlife, such as other mediums, near death experiences, and past life regressions. "The way to really investigate the afterlife is to have personal experiences," he observed, suggesting people rely less on vicarious insights and more on their own journey of discovery. To that end, he recalled undergoing hypnosis to retrieve his past lives, having a "multisensory experience" during the process, and finishing the session with a sense of "sacred knowing" regarding the afterlife. Olson also pointed to the near-death experiences of children as particularly potent forms of evidence for the afterlife, since their NDE stories mirror those of adults, albeit using less sophisticated terms, and because "these kids have no agenda."


During Open Lines, Jeremy in North Carolina shared the story of a creature encounter that he and his great-grandmother had during his childhood. While she babysat him one summer day, they looked out the window and spotted a four to five foot tall entity which resembled a kangaroo and sported long, smoke black hair. Although the animal also "hopped like a kangaroo," Jeremy dismissed the possibility that was what it was, since the hair color and length didn't match any description attributed to the marsupial. "I've never, on TV or the Internet, anywhere ever heard anybody say they've seen anything like it," he marveled about this mysterious creature.

Later, Chuck in San Diego detailed his odd UFO sighting which occurred while sky watching one evening with a couple of friends who were ardent observers of the stars. They told him to steadily observe a constellation that was composed of three stars in a triangle. After seeing both large and small planes fly through the sky, they excitedly spotted a small dot that was "moving like you would not believe" towards the constellation. Suddenly, when it reached the triangle of stars, it just disappeared. "I was like 'woah, I gotta go home,'" he laughed about his reaction to the sighting. Other callers during the evening included Joe in Kentucky, who talked about his haunted neighborhood, and Mindy in Salt Lake City, who recalled her near-death experience.

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