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Fukushima/ ET Interactions

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In the first half, research analyst Steve Elwart talked about how Fukushima is one of the worst nuclear disasters in history, and its effects are still being felt. The failure at the Fukushima Daiichi plant occurred after an earthquake and subsequent tsunami hit, bringing a 50 ft. deluge of water over the plant's sea wall, and flooding the rooms where the emergency generators were housed. The 2011 disaster is a story of government lies, corporate ineptitude, and environmental destruction, he commented. There are a lot of unknowns and uncertainty when it comes to what the environmental effects and damage will be, and this is one reason why mainstream media has not extensively covered the topic, he continued.

TEPCO (the plant's operating company) continues to dump 300 tons of contaminated water into the ocean per day, but they claim that given the volume of the Pacific ocean, it's a relatively small amount. Many are concerned about the possible effects of "bioconcentration" whereby small marine animals ingest the contaminants in the water, and then are consumed by larger organisms, and the radioactive particles become more concentrated as you go up the food chain, he detailed. The plant has yet to solve the problem of water still getting inside the facility, and their temporary solution of dumping contaminated water back out is inadequate and potentially hazardous, he noted. For more, see Elwart's recent articles on this topic.


In the latter half, paranormal researcher and investigator James Carman along with remote viewer and PK expert Lyn Buchanan addressed such topics as ET contacts and abductions, MILAB operations, the government cover-up, and remote viewing. Carman compared alien abductions of humans as similar to how we deal with cows. "In one way, we help propagate their species, but on the other hand we slaughter them at will...We keep them penned up...because we consider them our resource," he said. The MILAB cases, when the "secret government" abducts people who've had ET contacts in order to glean information from them, are particularly complex and traumatic on the abductees, Carman pointed out.

Buchanan, an ET abductee himself, described an experience 35-40 years ago when he was a Methodist minister in Texas and was taken aboard a ship and communicated with a "grey" UFO pilot. He learned he was on a kind of medical unit, and the ETs used humans to produce antibodies. Years later, when Buchanan worked in black military projects, he was asked to write a paper assessing the ability of ETs. He delineated four different types of aliens-- friendly + psychic (want humans to develop further), friendly not psychic (come here for trade), unfriendly + psychic (want humans wiped out), unfriendly not psychic (tend not to visit Earth). Buchanan also talked about how controlled remote viewing (CRV) is comparable to a martial art, rather than a psychic/mental process.

News segment guests: Lauren Weinstein, Steve Kates


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