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Energy Dynamics, Physics & Change

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In the first half of the show, psychiatrist and energy medicine practitioner Eric Leskowitz discussed his study of the energy dynamics of positive experience using fans of the Boston Red Sox as subjects. After the Red Sox won the World Series in 2004, he began to research whether fans could have an outcome on the game (related article). Cheering for your team, rather than booing the opposition, yields a more positive result, he reported. And players can move into a peak performance zone if they get into a state of alignment, he added.

Leskowitz described a lab demonstration testing heart variability that showed when a subject is given positive mental regard by others, their heart rate moves into a state of coherence. From this, he surmised that if "35,000 people at Fenway Park [were] doing this state of appreciation would entrain the players so that they could perform in the zone." We can influence other people through the quality of our magnetic field, he explained. Random number testing (like the Princeton EGGs used by the Global Consciousness Project) was done at Fenway, and spikes occurred during shared fan activities such as "The Wave" and a group singalong, even though there was no microphone or sound involved in the testing, he reported.


In the latter half, author Mike Bara argued that we're headed for a time of great transition, which is being triggered by physics in our solar system and beyond. He recounted radio engineer John Nelson's discovery that the position of planets could affect the magnetic output of the sun and electromagnetic signals like brainwaves. Like in astrology, certain planetary configurations have positive or negative effects on people, Bara suggested. With the coming shift in 2012, there'll be polarization and conflict, and we'll have to rethink what our government and monetary structures will be like, he commented, noting that the last time the astrology lined up like this was during the American Revolution.

According to the Mayans, "we are going to be hit with a pulse of energy like we have not been hit with in 26,000 years," Bara said. We have to know what to do with that energy to utilize it for the good, he continued. There are certain times and dates when people's powers to send out signals or prayers for the greater good are enhanced, he added.

News segment guest: Michio Kaku


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