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Filling in for George Noory, host George Knapp welcomed media ecologist James Martinez for a discussion on cold fusion in the first half of the show. Cold fusion is a type of purported low energy nuclear reaction that was first reported by electrochemists Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons in 1989. Although their claims have been widely rejected by mainstream science, Martinez maintained that cold fusion, while a mysterious process, does exist and is being suppressed by a controlling elite. One of the challenges facing cold fusion has been the replication of supposedly successful experiments.

According to Martinez, non-repeatability is no longer an issue, as Italian researchers Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi have managed to reproduce the cold fusion process on command. He revealed there will be a private unveiling of their discovery in Florida, followed by the release of a commercial product by the end of 2011. Martinez expects cold fusion, with its seemingly endless supply of energy produced from equipment that can fit on a desktop, to completely revolutionize the world. He also suggested interested people get involved and start demanding this technology.


Open Lines followed for the remainder of the program. Callers continued to phone in to talk about cold fusion. Mike from Buffalo, New York, told George about a man named Frank Znidarsic who developed mathematical formulae to help explain why cold fusion takes place. Mike recommended technically-inclined listeners check out Znidarsic's paper, The Control of the Natural Forces. John in Newport, Rhode Island proposed that the principles behind cold fusion technology could be adapted in order to transmute elements, making the alchemist's dream of turning lead into gold a reality.

Alex in Princeton, Minnesota, shared an interesting ghost story related to him by a friend of the person who experienced it. Alex said the young man, who had moved into brand new house with this parents, awakened one night to find the ghost of a little boy staring at him. As he watched, the phantom boy stood, morphed into a grown man, then walked into his closet, Alex explained. The startled young man checked the time on his clock and even pinched himself to verify that he was awake during the paranormal confrontation, he added.


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