Middle East & TWA 800

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Middle East & TWA 800

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In the first half of the show, Howard Bloom shared his analysis of the Middle East situation, naming Iran and Saudi Arabia as being behind Hamas and Hezbollah in the Israeli conflict. He also pointed towards China as being the real winner if there is a war between Islam and the United States, as both groups will be weakened and China will have experienced none of the casualties.

In the last two hours of the program, investigative journalist and documentary producer Jack Cashill discussed developments in the investigation of TWA Flight 800 on the 10 year anniversary of the crash. While the government claims a spark in the fuel tank caused the explosion, he believes the evidence is overwhelming that a missile was fired at the plane and there was a subsequent cover-up. There is suppressed radar data from the FAA, multiple witness testimony, and videotape footage which shows a contrail appearing out of nowhere and heading directly towards the jet, he detailed.

Additionally, he cited the work of James Sanders, the investigative reporter who tested the streak of red residue inside the plane which he said turned out to be "consistent with incendiary rocket fuel." While Sanders put forth a military testing theory, Cashill suggested that the launched missile was a terrorist attack with possibly an Iranian connection. For more, see this recent series of articles he wrote for WorldNetDaily.

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