Brad Olsen

Brad Olsen


Brad Olsen is author of nine books including two in his Esoteric Series: "Modern Esoteric" and "Future Esoteric." An award-winning author, book publisher and event producer, his keynote presentations and interviews have enlightened audiences at Contact in the Desert, Awareness Life Expo, the 5D events and dozens of radio (including Coast to Coast, Ground Zero, and Fade to Black) and television shows (including Ancient Aliens, America Unearthed, and Mysteries of the Outdoors).

In August, 2017, Brad Olsen started hosting his own syndicated radio show called “The Esoteric Circle.” Brad is a founder and co-producer of the How Weird Street Faire in the SOMA neighborhood of his home-base San Francisco. The Chicago native’s esoteric writing continues to reach a wide audience while he continues breaking ground in alternative journalism, public speaking, illustration and photography.



Past Shows:

  • Antarctica Mysteries / Ancient Aliens

    First Half: Brad Olsen is an author, publisher, and producer known for his keynote presentations and interviews on esoteric subjects. He'll discuss his explorations of the mysterious continent of Antarctica, as well as the many other clues to alternative history hidden in plain...More »
  • Antarctica Mysteries / Healed by ETs

    Brad Olsen reported on his expedition to Antarctica and possible artifacts beneath the ice. PrestonDennett discussed the healing powers of UFOs.More »
  • Secrets of Antarctica / Open Lines

    Brad Olsen discussed strange anomalies of Antarctica. Open Lines followed in the second half.More »
  • Postures of Power/ Science & the Supernatural

    Jason Quitt described self healing techniques and time travel. Brad Olsen spoke on science and the coming human/ AI singularity.More »
  • Everything is Fake!/ Open Lines

    Publisher Brad Olsen joined Jimmy Church to reveal why he thinks everything is fake and conspiracy is the new norm. Open Lines followed.More »
  • Breakaway Civilizations/ Rethinking History

    In the first half, George Knapp was joined by author Joseph Farrell, who detailed his research into the possibility that a secret, breakaway civilization was formed by American elites following World War II. In the latter half, author Brad Olsen discussed flaws in modern...More »
  • Ghosts & Conspiracies / Paranormal Suppression

    In the first half of the program, George Knapp was joined by filmmaker and actor, Sean Stone, who discussed his experiences with shadowmen, demons, and ghosts along the eastern seaboard as documented in his film, Greystone Park. He also talked about his role as co-host with...More »

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