Jason Jarrell

Jason Jarrell


Jason Jarrell is an author and public speaker whose interests include archaeology, anthropology, psychology, philosophy, Native American cosmology, comparative mythology, geopolitics, and the impact of consciousness-altering plants on human history and development. His research spans thousands of years of human history and covers ancient North America, Mesopotamia, and Old Europe.

Jarrell's articles have appeared in Ancient American Magazine as well as on the Ancient Origins and AP Magazine websites. His first full book, Ages of the Giants was published in 2017. It relies on professionally documented evidence including actual archaeological reports and textbooks to recreate a cultural history of roughly 4,000 years during which a powerfully built and exceptionally tall people existed among the indigenous populations of North America. Jason is currently working on a new book with co-researcher Sarah Farmer, which will explore the fascinating cosmology and ritual practices of the Adena and Hopewell mound builders of Eastern North America and also definitively reveal the true identity of the Tall Ones.



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