Jaime Endemano

Jaime Endemano


Jaime Endemano is a product manager for Premiere Networks. He works with the PN agile team on updating this website.

Past Shows:

  • UFOs & Nukes / TBA Test

    UFO researcher and filmmaker Robert Hastings has researched declassified U.S. government documents reportedly confirming that UFO incursions at nuclear weapons sites occurred as early as 1945. He'll join George Knapp to discuss his opinions regarding the recently-released UAP...More »
  • Inside Exorcisms / Investigating Mothman & UFOs

    Msgr. Stephen J. Rossetti shared details about exorcists, various exorcisms, and the nature of demons. Followed by Cheryll Jones' interview with paranormal investigator Margie Kay on Mothman, winged creatures, and UFOs.More »
  • Vertical Image Show Test

    This is a test to see if we can use horizontal images for show pagesMore »
  • Test of Guest Order On Inferno

    This is a test article.More »
  • Public Health Issues / Catholic Exorcism

    First Half: Professor Michael Stein is a primary care doctor and has been a leader in general medicine and substance use research. He'll discuss how the structural components of everyday life -- like school, housing, police, even cell phones -- ultimately determine who gets to...More »

Last Night

New York UFO Sightings / UK Paranormal Hot Spot
New York UFO Sightings / UK Paranormal Hot Spot
Cheryl Costa reported on vintage New York UFO cases. Followed by Paul Sinclair on a paranormal hotspot in the UK.
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