Carolyn Ford

Carolyn Ford


Carolyn Ford is the guardian of Einstein, the Ancient Crystal Skull of Consciousness — the largest and one of the rarest artifacts in the world. She had kept him private for 22 years until 2010 when she was guided to share him with the world.

At four years old Ford had a mystical experience of epic proportions. She now knows this is the moment she walked into this body and began the preparations to share Einstein with the world. An ancient crystal skull she took part in creating back in the beginning of humanity's origins over 70,000 years ago.

She is a counselor and teacher and has helped thousands of people worldwide awaken to their true nature through the wisdom of the Human Design System and Einstein's infinite guidance.

Ford has studied with a variety of great teachers from around the world. This includes Hawaiian Kahuna, Morrnah Simeona, and a variety of Shamanic studies.


Past Shows:

  • Einstein the Crystal Skull

    Carolyn Ford talked about the crystal skull Einstein (related images). Followed by Erich Von Daniken on the 50th anniversary of Chariots of the Gods.More »
  • Crystal Skulls Special

    Various experts (Stephen Mehler, Carolyn Ford, Raymond Tarpey, & Jaap van Etten) shared their experiences with the intriguing world of Crystal Skulls. First hour guest, Dr. Len Horowitz reacted to news that the Gardasil vaccine had some contaminated doses.More »

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