Stephen F. Cohen

Stephen F. Cohen


Stephen F. Cohen is a Professor of Russian Studies and History Emeritus at NYU, and Professor of Politics Emeritus at Princeton University. He is among the most distinguished scholars of Russian history in the United States, and is internationally recognized for his academic works on Russian and Soviet political history since 1917. Cohen is also an expert on Russian-American relations, and has for decades contributed both domestically and abroad in shedding light on the two countries’ political and historical relationship.



Past Shows:

  • Russia & New Cold War / The Soul & Angelic Origins

    Stephen F. Cohen discussed US-Russia relations and the new Cold War. Followed by Tricia McCannon on the soul and afterlife realms.More »
  • US-Russia Relations / Mercury Retrograde

    Stephen F. Cohen offered commentary on US-Russia relations. Followed by Leslie McGuirk on the astrological phenomenon Mercury retrograde.More »
  • The New Cold War / Dream Work

    Prof. Stephen F. Cohen shared commentary on US-Russia relations. Followed by Layne Dalfen on dream work and interpretation.More »
  • Russiagate Allegations/ Life of Churchill

    Stephen F. Cohen shared updates on 'Russiagate.' Followed by Andrew Roberts on the life of Winston Churchill, and James Paris on ways to use prayer.More »
  • Russia-US Relations/ Exploring Superstitions

    Stephen F. Cohenshared commentary on the NATO summit and Trump/Putin meeting. Followed by Max Cryeron superstitions.More »
  • Russia & Geopolitics/ Science of Light

    Stephen F. Cohen offered analysis of the "Russiagate" saga. Followed by Dr. Jacob Liberman on light therapy and the science of vision.More »
  • Russiagate Saga/ Mysterious Oumuamua

    Stephen F. Cohen discussed the "Russiagate" saga, and demonization of Putin. Followed by ufologist Stanton Friedman on the mysterious "Oumuamua" object.More »
  • US-Russia Relations/ Regenerative Medicine

    Prof. Stephen F. Cohen discussed US-Russia relations, Pres. Trump, Syria, and North Korea. Followed by Prof. Sheldon Krimsky on stem cells and GMOs.More »
  • US-Russia Relations/ History of Horror Films

    Prof. Stephen F. Cohen analyzed the volatile state of US-Russia relations. Followed by writer Chris Alexander on the history of horror films.More »
  • Russia & US Relations/ Synchronicity & Precognition

    Prof. Stephen F. Cohen discussed volatile US-Russia relations. Followed by writers Trish and Rob MacGregor on pre-cognition.More »
  • Russia & Syria/ Geoengineering

    In the first half, Professor of Russian Studies and History Emeritus at NYU, Stephen F. Cohen, reacted to Vladimir Putin's decision to get involved in the Syrian conflict and commence air strikes against ISIS forces. In the latter half of the program, researcher and...More »
  • Russia Watch/ Mystical Technology

    In the first half, Stephen F. Cohen, Professor of Russian Studies and History Emeritus at NYU, addressed the latest military and political developments in Russia, the threat of nuclear alerts, and the role of Putin in the ongoing geopolitical chess game. In the latter half,...More »
  • Magnetic Poles, Force Field, & NDEs

    Earthfiles investigative reporter, Linda Moulton Howe discussed whether Earth is getting ready for a magnetic flip, a mysterious protective force field, and evidence for the survival of consciousness beyond death. First hour guest, author and scholar of Soviet and...More »
  • US-Russia Relations/ Unconventional Healing

    In the first half, a leading scholar of Soviet and post-Soviet Russia, media commentator, and the author of several widely acclaimed books, Stephen F. Cohen discussed the current dynamics of the U.S. relationship with Russia. In the latter half, former war correspondent for...More »

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