Joerg Arnu

Joerg Arnu


Joerg Arnu is an Area 51 research veteran and founder of the Dreamland Resort, the largest and most comprehensive source for information on Area 51, black projects, and the Nellis ranges. Mr. Arnu and his esteemed team of researchers maintain they know more about what really goes on at the top secret Groom Lake base than anyone else on the outside.


Past Shows:

  • Mass Alien Abduction / Area 51 & FBI Raid

    First Half: Certified hypnotherapist, abduction researcher, and Director of CERO (Close Encounter Resource Organization), Yvonne Smith, joins George Knapp to discuss a true story of the Coronado "mass" alien abduction she discovered through hypnosis sessions. Second Half: In...More »
  • 'Storm Area 51' Phenomenon

    George Harris and Jeremy Corbell spoke about an event at Area 51. Joerg Arnu discussed what really goes on at the top-secret Groom Lake base.More »

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